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International Food Etiquette Rules You Need To Know Before You Travel

21 Mar

Food etiquette customs are good to know when traveling abroad and will help you not stand out as a tourist or looking like a jackass. MSNBC’s Travel Kit rounds out 15 of the most interesting food etiquette rules.

For example, in China, you should never flip over a fish. It’s a sign of bad luck, akin to a fishermen’s boat capsizing. Instead locals will rip through the bones to get to the botton.

In Russia, it’s simple, you never turn down vodka. And in Chili, it’s proper to always eat with silverware – even finger foods like french fries.

Of course, these rules will vary depending on your where and who you are eating with, but when in doubt stick these guidelines.


15 international food etiquette rules that might surprise you | MSNSBC – Travel Kit

Photo by Alison Faith via photopin cc