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Kogi, A Toco Truck Fueled By Twitter

30 Mar

kogi_logoKogi BBQ is where Korean barbecue meets, Mexican tacos and burritos, meets restaurants on wheels, meets twitter. It’s an unusual combination, but has a cult following and is refining, not only the melding of ethic foods, but the way food is marketed and served.

Kogi launched last fall and sells primarily through two trucks that are always on the go to new locations in the Los Angeles area. They serve Korean BBQ tacos and burritos that are recession friendly at $2 a piece. Their menus and locations are tweeted out daily, you can follow Kogi at http://twitter.com/kogibbq.

Their way of doing business is very innovative, not only are they using new forms of media to spread the word about their business, but they are essential making it fun for people to become their customers. With over 12k followers, Kogi generates lines wherever they go and draws customers to neighborhoods that they wouldn’t have visited otherwise. They’re like a party on wheels that serves food, customers on line socialize while they wait and everyone is usually enjoying themselves with or without food. My only complaint is that they’re only in LA, I really wish they would open a truck here in NYC. I guess I’ll have to wait until my next visit to the west coast to give Kogi a try.

Below I have embed a video entitled “Chasing the Dragon (The Kogi BBQ Adventure)” by DJ Akaider and it documents his adventure in finding and finally trying the “elusive” Kogi truck.