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10 Tricks To Help You Around The Kitchen

11 Apr

Lifehacker outlines the top ten tricks around the kitchen that is sure to save you a bunch of time and may even impress an eye or two. Tedious tasks like deseeding a pomegranate or peeling a potato can be done very easily and they have a round up of video instructions that show you how. I have already tried many of these hacks in my daily cooking adventures and they really are awesome. Let me know if they have been of any use to you around the kitchen.


Top 10 Crazy Kitchen Tricks That Speed Up Your Cooking | Lifehacker

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International Food Etiquette Rules You Need To Know Before You Travel

21 Mar

Food etiquette customs are good to know when traveling abroad and will help you not stand out as a tourist or looking like a jackass. MSNBC’s Travel Kit rounds out 15 of the most interesting food etiquette rules.

For example, in China, you should never flip over a fish. It’s a sign of bad luck, akin to a fishermen’s boat capsizing. Instead locals will rip through the bones to get to the botton.

In Russia, it’s simple, you never turn down vodka. And in Chili, it’s proper to always eat with silverware – even finger foods like french fries.

Of course, these rules will vary depending on your where and who you are eating with, but when in doubt stick these guidelines.


15 international food etiquette rules that might surprise you | MSNSBC – Travel Kit

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Italian Tomato – Mother’s Day Cake Fair

10 May

Italian Tomato - Mother's Day Cake Fair

Today, May 10, 2009, Italian Tomato is holding a Mother’s day cake fair at the Mitsuwa Marketplace in New Jersey. There are more 30 Italian Tomato originals on sale as well as many new additions, all produced by Japanese cake patisseries.

The fair is located at the front entrance of the Mitsuwa Marketplace. The Mitsuwa Marketplace is on 595 River Road, Edgewater, NJ 07020 and is open everyday from 9am till 9pm. Shuttle Bus from NYC are available in the South Building of the Port Authority Bus Terminal.
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Italian Tomato - Mother's Day Cake Fair

Italian Tomato - Mother's Day Cake Fair

Italian Tomato - Mother's Day Cake Fair

Italian Tomato - Mother's Day Cake Fair

Where’s the Grill in KFC?

6 May

kfcgrillLast month, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) introduced a new product line called Kentucky Grilled Chicken. It’s their answer to health-conscious consumers who have dropped fried chicken from their diets, or cut back on indulging. The Grilled Chicken recipe has half the sodium of their original fried chicken recipe, but 600 milligrams for a breast is not exactly what I call healthy. It’s being tested in six cities (Indianapolis, Colorado Springs, San Diego, Oklahoma City, Jacksonville, Fla., and Austin, Texas) at the moment and a national rollout is planned for early next year.

Oprah is also getting in on the action and is giving away their new Grilled Chicken Two-Piece Combo Meal for FREE. The combo includes two pieces of grilled chicken, two individual sides (mash potatoes and cole slaw) and a biscuit. Coupons for the deal can be found at unthinkfc.com or on the Cheapskat site. Some restrictions apply, see the KFC site for more details.

Update: Apparently the Kentucky Grill Chicken line has expanded beyond the six test cities mentioned above. I’m based in New York City and I had the FREE two piece combo last night. I enjoyed their grill chicken a lot more than their fried recipe, but it’s not good enough to convert me into a paying customer.

Where's the Grill in KFC?

Vitamin Water 10 Des10nation NYC Pop-Up Shop / Experience

3 Apr


Glacéau, on April 3, unveiled their new pop-up brand experience space in the Soho district of New York City. The shop will feature Vitamin Water 10, their new naturally sweetened beverage that yields only ten calories per serving. It was developed in response to the many consumer requests for a more healthy conscious version of their popular Vitamin Water beverage. Vitamin Water 10 comes in four flavors: XXX (triple antioxidants-acai-blueberry-pomegranate), Essential orange-orange (c+calcium), Energy tropical citrus (b+guarana) and Multi-V lemonade (a-zinc). For the next ten days (til April12) every flavor is available for consumers to sample. I tasted all four and will be posting an in-depth review soon.

The Vitamin Water Brand Space is design to have a lounge-like atmosphere were people can hangout, relax and engage with the Vitamin Water Brand. There’s a host of amenities including free WiFi, a laptop bar for checking email or internet browsing, couches throughout, Nintendo Wii game play, a foosball table, and a free instant photo booth. It will be open for only ten days (April 3-12th), so check it out while you can.

To kick things off, Carmen Electra will host the launch party tonight with beats provided by DJ Kiss. Various DJ’s will be rotating throughout the next ten days to provide nonstop partying, during business hours of course.

Vitaminwater10 Des10ation NYC
626 Broadway (between Bleecker and Houston), New York, NY
Open April 3-12th (10am-7pm)

Vitaminwater10 Des10ation NYC

Vitaminwater10 Des10ation NYC

Vitaminwater10 Des10ation NYC

Vitaminwater10 Des10ation NYC

Vitaminwater10 Des10ation NYC

Vitaminwater10 Des10ation NYC

Vitaminwater10 Des10ation NYC

McDonald’s Mega McPepper

27 Jul

In American, we always get the bad rep for being the most unhealthy individuals in the world and although that may be true, look at what our counterparts in Asia are eating. The promotional McPepper is not just a Big Mac, but 2 Big Macs with a lots of black pepper sauce. With all the heat that the Big Mac has gotten in the States for its spread on health concerns, I’m guess the Mega McPepper is not good for you.

Update: I had one the other day and they’re delicious!