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Calbee Sapporo Potato Vegetable Cracker

7 Mar

Calbee Sapporo Potato Vegetable Cracker

This is a Japanese vegetable flavored potato chip that is no different from any other vegetable flavored potato chip on the market. It doesn’t taste like a real vegetable, but it does taste like a vegetable flavored chip. If you’ve had a veggie chip before, you know what I’m talking about. It has a strong oil flavor that’s not over powering and a unique tastes that’s difficult to describe. From the package alone it seems as though this is a health snack, but in fact it’s the opposite. It’s heavy on the carbs and fat, which is no different from any other Japanese chips on the market. It’s worth trying if you’ve never had a veggie chip before. You can find a pack at your local Japanese/Asian Market.

Calbee Grill-A Corn

6 Mar

Calbee Grill-A Corn

Calbee Grill-A Corn (BBQ Corn) or Yakimorokoshi Koubashi as they like to call it in Japan is a baked corn snack that is similar to a doodle snack here in the States. It has a crunchy and crisp texture that is roasted in signature flavors. They come in original, hot & spicy (not hot at all), garlic toast, cheese bacon, and soy sauce (shoyu aji). My favorite is the shoyu aji flavor, which has a charcoal aroma and a very unique taste. You can find these snacks at your local Asian Markets (flavors available may vary). If you’re in NYC there are number of markets that should have these in stock.

Calbee Grill-A Corn