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Quick Way To Soften Butter

29 Aug

This happens a lot. You are in need of soft butter and you didn’t prepare a head of time. Now there’s an easy solution to get soft butter quick. America’s Test Kitchen recommends placing your stick of butter in a ziplock back and pounding it with any solid object. I tried this hack this weekend and it works great. I was able to get it soft in seconds.


How to Quickly Soften Butter | America’s Test Kitchen Feed


Find Out If Your Coffee Beans Are Fresh

22 Aug

Unsure if your coffee beans are stale or not, America’s Test Kitchen has a fairly easy test that can tell you. Put some beans in a ziplock bag, press out all the air, and seal it overnight. If your beans are fresh (recently roasted – 7 to 10 days), then the bag will pop up because of the carbon dioxide released by the fresh beans. If there’s no pop, then your beans are probably past their peek freshness.

Remember you can keep your coffee beans at their peek freshness by storing them properly. Store beans that you will go through in the next twelve days in an air tight bag or container away from heat and light. For beans you want to keep longer, store in the freezer away from air and moisture.


Are Your Coffee Beans Fresh? | America’s Test Kitchen Feed