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How To Get A Better Cup Of Coffee At Starbucks

17 Apr

Starbucks is pretty good about not letting their brewed coffee sit too long. I believe it’s around 30 minutes after brew before it gets tossed, which isn’t bad by my standards. However, some believe that 30 min is even too long. Daniel Miessler points out that you can request a pour-over, a well kept secret that requires a longer wait time but yields a more fresher and custom cup of coffee. Some Starbucks locations also offer french press coffee, it usually cost a little more but it’s worth it!


How to Get a Good Cup of Coffee From Starbucks | Daniel Miessler

10 Bad Cooking Habits We Should All Break

14 Apr

Bad habits are hard to break, and we have many bad habits when it comes to cooking. Associate Food Editor of EatingWell Magazine, Hilary Meyer outlines 10 of the most common bad cooking habits we should all break.

Many of these are ones I have committed to breaking over the years and in-turn has enabled me to produce better (and maybe more healthy) food. Are these some of your habits on the list and do you intend to do something about it?


10 Bad Cooking Habits You Should Break | Kitchen Daily

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10 Tricks To Help You Around The Kitchen

11 Apr

Lifehacker outlines the top ten tricks around the kitchen that is sure to save you a bunch of time and may even impress an eye or two. Tedious tasks like deseeding a pomegranate or peeling a potato can be done very easily and they have a round up of video instructions that show you how. I have already tried many of these hacks in my daily cooking adventures and they really are awesome. Let me know if they have been of any use to you around the kitchen.


Top 10 Crazy Kitchen Tricks That Speed Up Your Cooking | Lifehacker

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