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Glico Pretz – Cheddar

31 Aug

Glico Pretz – Cheddar
The cheddar flavored pretzel sticks by Glico is one of my more preferred Pretz. It contains 6% cheddar, which doesn’t seem like a lot compared to the cheesy aroma that fills your nostrils when opening a bag for the first time, but it’s enough to leave you satisfied. It also contains pepper and is mildly salty. If you prefer less salt, I recommend the direct Japanese import of the snack, as oppose to the one marketed for the west. It suppose to be less salty, but it cost a little more and comes in smaller portions. The cheddar flavored Pretz can found at local asian market for $1.50 – 3.00.

Ginger Milk Pudding (姜汁撞奶)

30 Aug


Ginger Milk Pudding is a Hong Kong dessert that I’ve had since a child. It’s supposed to be healthy. The Chinese eat it to combat colds, hieshou (poor circulation), and cleanse the body. I eat it because it taste good. It can be found in asian grocery stores (the instant formula) or served at authentic Chinese (Hong Kong) restaurants. Today, I ‘ll show you how I made it from scratch.


Needed Ingredients:

  • 150ml of whole milk
  • 20g sugar
  • 1 knob of ginger

Serving Size: 1

10 Minutes (5 Minutes Prep)


1. Make ginger juice by dicing a knob of ginger into tiny bits, squeezing out the juice, and strain it into a bowl.


2. Pour 150ml of whole milk and 20g of sugar into a bowl, stir, and then microwave it for 2 minutes or until its between 70 and 80° C.

3. Next, pour the hot milk with sugar into the bowl with the ginger juice and let it sit for 5 minutes.
DO NOT stir once it’s poured.

4. After 5 minutes, the ginger will coagulate the milk to form a soft pudding and you should have yourself an delicious pudding dessert. It can be served hot or cold. Enjoy!

Glico Pocky – Choco Banana

23 Aug

Glico Pocky – Choco Banana

The Choco Banana Pocky is a limited edition flavor, at least here in the States. Each biscuit stick is covered with banana flavor milk cream and swirls of chocolate. It has a very rich banana aroma that is a bit overwhelming. It’s very sweet, just like other Pocky flavors, but the mixture of banana cream and chocolate did not tickle my fancy and I did not enjoy this flavor as much as I do other Pocky flavors.

The Choco Banana flavored Pocky is a definite pass, but if you want to go against my recommendation and give it try, you can find it at local Japanese Supermarkets or for order online. They range from $2-6, depending on the size of the package.


23 Aug


Mt Fuji’s IMOCHI is one of the best mochi ice creams, they are also referred to as Jpanese ice cream bonbons. They can be found in Japanese/Asian grocery stores and in the dessert portion of some Japanese restaurant’s menus. In grocery stores, they come in a disposal ice bag and can be had in green tea, sesame, or in an assorted offering (2x green tea, sesame, strawberry, and vanilla) for $4.50-5.99USD. I like the assorted pack, it provides a good variety of favors, it’s especially good for newbies of this delicious treat. My favorite is the sesame, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the flavors. The mochi is soft, the ice cream is flavorful and when combined it provides a pleasurable texture and flavor in every bite. Be warned, these things are addictive, you can find yourself finishing an entire bag in a matter of minutes.