21 Apr


Rating: ★☆☆☆☆
152 W 49th St (btwn Avenue Of The Americas & 7th Ave), New York, NY 10019
(212) 869-8972
Price: $
Nearest Transit:
49 St (N, Q, R)
50 St (1, 2)
47 – 50 Sts – Rockefeller Ctr (B, D, F, M)
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Sapporo is a “has been” in the ramen market, they’re no longer what they use to be. I came here last saturday hoping to have some decent ramen, but instead I was greeted with watery ill flavored broth, overcooked noodles that taste like cardboard and toppings that were bland. The waiter also forgot to put in my order of gyoza, but I’m glad she forgot. It saved me $5 on flavorless dumplings that I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed anyway, this coming from my friend who previously ate at Sapporo and had the dumplings. In addition to their tasteless ramen, they also enforce a 18.4% service charge on your bill regardless of party size. I can understand enforcing a service charge on large parties, but for a party of two where the waiter does not take my order properly they’re not deserving of a 18.4% tip regardless of the actual amount. Now I’m a fair tipper and I tend to leave a larger than average percentage, but this is just wrong. One can only image why Sapporo started enforcing a service charge, perhaps many left low or no tip because their food/service is so awful. Needless to say, I won’t be dining here again.


Menma Ramen – $7.50

Shio Ramen – $7.50

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