Kyedong Chicken – Palisades Park

28 Feb

Kyedong Chicken

Rating: ★★☆☆☆
133 Broad Avenue, Palisades Park, NJ
(215) 468-1546
Price: $$

Kyedong Chicken is Korean Fried Chicken house that has two locations; one, on Northern Blvd, NY (718-358-8300) and another on Broad Ave in Palisades Park, NJ. My review is based on the Palisades Park branch, which has no seating and is strictly for takeout only. The shop is located behind a bus stop and maybe hard to find since the shop’s sign is entirely in Korean and is co-located with New York Meat Market, a Korean butcher shop. Parking in this area is limited, so be prepared to circle a bit.

Kyedong Chicken, like their competitors (Boom Boom), offers wings, drumsticks, a combination of both, or whole chicken in either soy or hot sauce. You can also get a combination of sauces in any order, medium ($14) or large ($20) size. All orders come with a side of Korean daikon radish and a choice of soda. Remember to pre-order prior to pickup because it can take anywhere from 20-30 minutes to prepare.

I had a medium order of wings and drumsticks with a mixture of half soy and half spicy. The skin was crispy and had good texture, but there’s nothing good I could say about the meat itself. It was very bland and lacked taste. For the price I paid, I would have been better off going to Boom Boom or Bon Chon, which is significantly better! I have however, heard that the Northern Blvd branch of Kyedong is worlds better and cheaper for that matter. If you really want to try Kyedong Chicken, I would suggest you skip the Palisades Park branch and head straight to Flushing.

Kyedong Chicken

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